Here's Where A Portion Of The PPP and EDIL Loan Funds Went

There are new reports being released that have exposed Donald Trump and his son-in-law / senior adviser, Jared Kushner for receiving PPP and EDIL loan money on the backend, through several business based tenants of theirs, who occupied two of their commercial properties.

Trump's company, The Trump Organization and Kushner's company, Kushner Companies raked in over 3 million dollars through the structured money grab. Around 25 of their tenants were recipients of the PPP and EDIL loans and they mainly used the money to pay rents to Trump's and Kushner's companies. Little to none of the loan money went to actually hiring or retaining employees and one of the companies actually closed shortly after receiving the funds. There were also approved loan applications that either had no business names listed or had incomplete random text listed in the business name area.

So if your company got left out of receiving either loan, even after fitting all of the criteria, this is part of where that money went to instead of being released to businesses that really needed the loans to stay afloat. Another part to this situation is that thousands of companies who applied for the two loans may have been documented as receiving the money even though they didn't receive a dime. This administration has sucked America dry in many ways and the even more sad part is that the majority of America is who put them in the position to do this. We will be suffering residually for years to come because of their self serving actions.

If you want to search the database of the businesses who received PPP and EDIL loans, visit

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