How To Quickly Start A Cleaning Company

As the current world events continue to unfold, the need to become self-employed has probably become more apparent to a lot of people more than ever. Thousands of jobs have been reduced, put on hold or cut altogether during the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

The amount of financial loss being experienced at this time could be making a lot of people question just how vulnerable they have been and how to finally get out of it. If you are fortunate enough to have some savings left to couple with your new infusion of cash (stimulus check), starting a cleaning company might be a smart thing to do if you are looking for ways to avoid becoming a casualty of the unpredictable workforce.

We recommend starting a cleaning company because it is one of the easiest businesses to start due to the low costs affiliated with establishing one.

Retail Store Location

You can start a cleaning company for less than $2,000. All you really need is a business license, good branding that makes sense, a competitive price point for the specific services you offer, cleaning supplies, basic equipment (commercial vacuum and carpet cleaner), and one or two good contract-based crew members. This is around the price to get started, should you already have a reliable vehicle to get to your appointments with. The drive, determination, and elbow grease needed to get started are free.

After establishing your new company, building yourself up from a residential maintenance client base to residential and commercial renovation/construction cleanup, to retail store maintenance cleaning is a great way to grow your business. FYI: the retail maintenance area can be a bit of a challenge to break into sometimes, so going through a legitimate retail management company as a vendor will get you in the door easier.

If you are ready to start becoming financially independent, this advice could help you take the first steps to get there. Good luck!

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