The Best Way To Hire A Creative Intern

Actualizado: 23 de may de 2020

The time has finally arrived to start looking for creative interns who can help propel the graphic design, photography, social media, and or website design areas of your business; but how do you find them?

Building relationships with your local college design program representatives or people who lead the internship departments could be the first step. Introducing yourself and your company to them via email or during on-campus events are solid ways to tap into their source of new talent.

Creative Intern Working Remotely

Pulling interns into the mix is a great thing because they are usually ready to roll their sleeves up; to dive into their field of trade. Not fetch coffee for the office team.

Allowing them to showcase their skills is a great thing because as a business owner, you can get the opportunity to lead new blood. This also gives them a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience while building their portfolios. Leading them also gives you a platform to share your knowledge while also expanding your company's client list.

The other advantage of hiring interns is once it's time to hire a junior or entry-level creative, you will already have a talent pool of people to pull from instead of searching externally. You're already familiar with their capabilities, personalities, and work ethics so why not bring them on permanently?

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